it is raining babies

My heart just weeps for the children, women, men being victimized. I feel so helpless. I just want to save them all. Jesus please help us. Please Holy Spirit move in the hearts of the men/women enslaving them and those that are purchasing it. Please Holy Spirit move in the victims hearts. Please let them know that you have not left them. Please Jesus. Please…..I beg Lord.

teanna sunberg

Croatia broken

She was probably around fifteen the first time I met her at Blessings Church in Bucharest. You know, one of those teens that cause us good church folk to lower our eyes and not stare: a lot of piercings, questionable jewelry choices, black t-shirt, big make-up. One of those lost teens from marginalized homes who suck up our love and resources and then disappear into oblivion. 

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About Like an Olive Tree

A wife, mother of 3 punkins and a lover of my Savior. I want to share my experiences and walk with other working, Christian (or not Christian) mothers as I/we run the good race with all of its hurdles, valleys and mountains to encourage others. So get on your running shoes and let's get moving!
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